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Monday, October 29, 2012

MUMS, perennial or annual?

A  chrysanthemum (from the Greek words, chrysos [gold] and anthemon [flower]) is a perennial that is often treated like an annual.  To some extent, this may be true!
If planted in the fall, the roots have less time to establish, often limiting their chance for survival.  However, if planted in the spring, there is a good chance they will overwinter and re bloom the following year.
Mums prefer well drained, composted soil with 6+ hours of sun per day.  In the fall, pinch back the dead blooms and cover the mums with 4" of shredded leaves or other mulch.  Uncover in the spring to reveal new shoots.  To keep the plants compacted (vs leggy stems), cut the plants back several times in the spring/summer, stopping around July 4th.
Mums are a inexpensive flowing plant to accentuate any fall landscape.

A mum at its peak.

7 year old mums.

A variety of colors and shapes.

Purchase mums that are mostly in the bud stage.  

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