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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Came across this Mallard nest next to the creek today. 

 Hens lay 1 egg per day with a clutch being about 12 eggs.  As the female lays additional eggs, she will construct a nest bowl from twigs, grass and down feathers.  The nest bowl camouflages and insulates the eggs.  Once all the eggs are laid, the incubation period begins.  This incubation period last about 25-29 days, with the ducklings hatching within 12-24 hours of each other.  

According to Cornell University studies, the success rate for a Mallard nest is between 1% -28% (based on location).  This is really close to the creek edge in a area that tends to flood when it rains. It is possible that this is a "new mommy" since mallards often return to the previous years successful nesting sites.  Hens that loose their first nest will nest again (and again, and again ) up to 4 times, but with fewer eggs.  

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