Rainy days and Sundays always get me down when I can not garden!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

HAPPINESS is......

the first seed packets to arrive in 2014!


  1. Do you plant seeds in pots and then transplant? If so when do you start to do that?

  2. Hello, Thanks for the question! I do a combination of techniques. Some seeds I will direct sow as soon as the ground can be worked. This is mostly salad greens and peas in the spring and beans and corn in May. See my post on Planning My Earliest (ever) Spring Garden (1/2014). Last year I tried a technique called "Winter Sowing" and was happy with the results (Winter Solstice & the Start of the Winter Sowing-12/2013). In addition, I will start seeds in doors. (Check out Spring Fever-03/2013). There are some seeds that you can start indoors early to get a head start or direct sow later.