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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Start of Winter Sowing

Decide on the container to be used.  I like milk jugs, but you can use other types of plastic containers.  
Fill line
Cut drainage holes.  I found it is easier to take a sharp pair of scissors and cut around the outer edge vs punching holes in the bottom.
Drainage holes cut into the bottoms of the jugs.
Cut around the jug an inch or two above the fill line.  Leave a small section intact to create a hinge. 
I gave the containers a final washing to make sure they were free of milk residue etc.  
Fill the containers with about 4" with dirt.  I used a combination of potting soil mixed with seed starting soil.  Add seeds and top with more dirt.  Water enough to moisten the soil.

Tape your containers shut to create mini greenhouses.  I use electrical tape, which seems to hold up well outside.
Once taped shut, you will not open your mini greenhouses until the spring time.
Place outside in a sunny location and let mother nature do the rest! I've done this with both the caps on and off.  If you leave the caps on remember to remove in early spring and water as needed,

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